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About Drums & Dumbells

Drums and Dumbells is a health and wellness concept I developed after making the connection between musicianship and fitness.

During my journey in health and wellness as a professional artist, I noticed other musicians who struggled with their performances due to their low energy and lack of stamina. One day, the idea hit me to add drums to a workout regimen. This is an organic concept developed by merging my lifestyle and profession.

Drummers use their entire body to play. A lot of musicians struggle with maintaining an optimal stamina level. I discovered that establishing and incorporating a regular workout regimen will increase your stamina which enables drummers to play longer.

After I started a regular workout routine, I immediately noticed more energy, more stamina during concerts, and the task of setting up and breaking down equipment without getting fatigued.

Now, I want to share my journey with the goal of inspiring other musicians. I believe that sharing fitness from a musician's perspective will spark a flame in music lovers too. Musicians can incorporate Drums and Dumbells as part of their health and wellness plan, and start at any fitness level – from beginner to body builder.


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